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Wisdom Teeth

There you were, having your usual meal when suddenly, you feel pain piercing through your jaw. The pain does not go away and it feels like you are going down with a fever. This is your wisdom tooth trying to grow out of your gums or pushing its way out hitting your existing teeth in the process. The pain can be addressed with some pain killers temporarily but the only way to remove the pain permanently is through extraction. Wisdom Teeth Removal Irving is just the right clinic to call. How exactly does the process of wisdom teeth extraction happen? Here are the things that you should expect when undergoing wisdom teeth extraction.

Teeth Extraction

Unlike your usual teeth extraction which is popularly known to many as “pulling your tooth out”, removing your wisdom teeth involves surgical procedures. Wisdom teeth removal is done for several reasons. The most common reason would be that the wisdom tooth is not growing out the right way. It could be that the tooth is growing out sideways which can cause damage to neighboring teeth or even your nerves, or the tooth is too huge for your jaw. For this, Wisdom Teeth Removal Irving opens the gums and takes the tooth out before more damage is inflicted.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Irving TX

Before the surgery, the patient would be given either a local anesthetic or a general anesthetic to numb the pain of the surgery. Local anesthetics are given by dentists to patients that would have one tooth extracted while general anesthetics are often administered to patients who will have several of their wisdom teeth extracted. 

During the procedure, there would be instances when the patient’s jaw would feel hard and tight. The dentist would make sure that this situation would not escalate into their jaws locking. As much as possible, the procedure would be done in a swift and orderly manner to avoid further complications during the surgery.

After Removal

After the removal, the patient may experience pain and swelling from the area where the tooth was extracted. Since this area underwent surgery, there would be a wound that might still be bleeding. The bleeding would be minimal and would stop after a few minutes. The gums around the area of extraction would also be swollen and the patient would have difficulty opening their mouth. Wisdom Teeth Removal Irving will make sure to give proper remedies and after-surgery care to ensure the patient’s comfort and safety after the procedure.

There are instances when infections happen when the wisdom teeth are removed. The reasons for this is because some people have difficulty fighting off infections. In these cases, antibiotics are prescribed for the patients to take. Wisdom Teeth Removal Irving will make sure that the surgery is necessary and if it proves to be unnecessary, further care and precautions will be advised to the patient.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Irving TX


Do not hesitate to call us when you feel like your wisdom teeth are not growing the way it should be. Wisdom Teeth Removal Irving gives consultations apart from surgical procedures on wisdom teeth extraction. If you want to know more about the services we offer and the details of our procedures as well as our protocols, feel free to call us. Let us help you take the pain away and make you have that picture perfect smile!

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